Music Now. Skills for Life.


A Kindermusik class has music & movement - offering all the benefits of sports, gymnastics, dance and drama all in the one great class!

Social and Emotional

  • Develop social skills through group interaction
  • Build self esteem
  • Learn to contribute to a group


  • Develop memory and recall
  • Multi-layered learning
  • Learn from peers and families
  • Follow directions and learn sequential order


  • Move together
  • Build gross and fine motor skills
  • Prepare child for a physically active future
  • Sense of balance

 Language and Literacy

  • Prepare child in language, listening and literacy
  • Provide structured routine with flexibility
  • Model and build  communication skills
  • Sing in proper vocal range


  • Sing and dance as a group
  • Listen to music together
  • Develop a sense of rhythm
  • Age-appropriate instruments